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For expert plumbing services in Gauteng, trust Bonofe Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers deliver reliable solutions for residential and commercial properties, including repairs, installations, and maintenance. Whether you’re facing a leaky faucet or need a full plumbing system upgrade, we’re here to help. Contact us today for prompt service and quality workmanship.

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We have variety of quality plumbers offering top class plumber services day and night. Whether your motivation is environmental responsibility, saving money or meeting building codes. Also installing a more efficient toilet is an effective and easy way to upgrade your home. Choosing plumbing structure & how well it functions should play into your decision. Also other factors to look into: Elongated VS Round, flushing options, style and glaze.

Reliable Plumbing services in Johannesburg, Gauteng

We have excellent standards all over Gauteng and South Africa. We also won’t risk losing excellence anytime we are serving our clients with plumbing. Bonofe are client first expert plumbers in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Also we always guarantees to present the very best quality services with unmatched customer service. Furthermore we hire the most reliable licensed plumbers and stand behind all our work also with paving.

  • Sewer video camera inspection.
  • Sewer, water and gas re-piping and upgrades.
  • Complete sewer and drain cleaning services.
  • High pressured water jetting services for sewer, roof and storm drains.
  • Backflow certification and repair.
  • Installation and replacement.
  • Water pressure regulators.
  • Underground fire piping repair.
  • Grease trap and liquid waste pumping.
  • Fixture repairs and replacements.
  • Water heater replacement, installation and maintenance.
  • Tankless on-demand water heaters.

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Other emergency plumbing services Gauteng:

  • Water softener repair and replacement.
  • Water filters and whole house filtration.
  • Garbage disposal repair and replacement.
  • Complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.
  • Household appliance installation and relocation.
  • Leak repair.
  • Sump pump repair, replacement or installation.
  • Repair clogged or broken pipes.
  • Preparing home for winter freeze.

Lastly we urge to use  our emergency services anytime of the day. We promise you nothing but the best to finally make you happy. Please leave  a good review second to none after our impression. Affordable prices and  pricing awaits you. Can’t wait to answer your call for emergency after


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To get your home’s Gauteng plumbing service underway, whether you’re in need of emergency repairs or simply want to make sure your home is functioning as smoothly and efficiently as possible, simply call us  to schedule a free at-home assessment and estimate with your local Bonofe Construction plumbers in Gauteng, GP. You’ll learn all there is to know about your specific home’s needs for plumbing service in Johannesburg, JHB without any charge or obligation to hire unless you’re completely certain that Bonofe Construction is the company for you.


Pay attention to what you put down your drains!

Most homeowners have experienced a clogged drain that always seems to occur just before a big dinner party or when family has come to visit. This is very common but also frustrating – and avoidable. The reason kitchen sinks clog up the most is because of grease that builds up like Cholesterol, so do not pour grease in the sink. Pour your grease into an empty can and stick it in the refrigerator until it hardens and then throw it away.

Also, do not put carrot peelings and potato peelings in the disposal. This is a recipe for a future clogged drain! If your sewer drain lines are old they may have spots or breaks that collect debris and these peelings will gather at these spots and before you know it your dinner party is inconvenienced because the kitchen sink is all backed up.

Don’t wash coffee grounds down the sink either. Throw them away like you should with the peelings.